A dependable electric water heater

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Do you need a dependable water heater?

You want a dependable electric water heater? Go to our website! We sell high quality, highly dependable water heaters at a wholesale prices. We sell the following brands: Lemet, Wesen, Ariston and Wijas. Lemet comes with a standard guarantee of 2 years, Wesen offers 2 years too plus a 5 year anti-corrosion guarantee on the inox steel tanks. Wijas also comes with a 2 year guarantee as standard.

The brands

Lemet has been manufacturing electric water heaters in Poland since 1978. Their basic line is the green line. If you are looking for an even more energy efficient water heater go for the Ecoway series. For the Greenline series we offer the following range: 5, 10, 30, 50 and 80 litres on our website. For the Ecoway series we offer the following range: 5, 10, 30, 50 and 80 litres.

We also offer larger size models of the electric water heaters. 200,300,400, 500 and 800 litres. These are suitable for offices, sport clubs, factories, warehouses and farms. These large models are shipped directly from our factory to you. Please have a look at: Waterheaterstore Lemet

Wesen is a highly innovative brand that has been on the market for over 25 years. Started by service technicians of Ariston in Spain who saw improvements on the Ariston models and decided to manufacture their own electric water heater.

We carry both series. One is the Inox Flat series in 30,50 and 80 litre models. The other series is the Silver Flat series, which also comes in 30,50 and 80 litre models. Waterheaterstore Ariston Wesen

Wijas is another Polish brand that is specialized since 1998 in the manufacturing of instant water heaters. On our website we offer the MIX 3500, MIX 5000, Perfect 3500 and the Perfect 4500.  Check our site in the category instant water heaters for full specs.

Who do we sell to?

We supply both consumers and companies. For full details of all the models we offer please check our website.