Ariston, the reputable electric water heater manufacturer from Italy

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Ariston started in the 1960’s with the production of electric storage water heaters and is today one the market leaders selling in over 150 countries around the world.

But they have been challenged by innovative rivals like Wesen who are beating them at their own game by producing cheaper yet very high quality electric water heaters.

The innovative water heaters produced by Wesen with sheathed heating elements and inox steel tanks are very durable and low in maintenance. The power button fires up all heating elements at the same time and reduces heating time by 50 percent.

Characteristics of the Ariston Velis and Wesen electric boilers

The Ariston is a slim looking model measuring just 10.6”. Wesen Silver Flat measures a mere 9.48” and the Inox Flat comes in at just 10.3”. The Ariston Velis has two steel tanks on board and Wesen has two stainless steel units on board, which results in far less calcification than a normal steel tank.

Ariston as well as Wesen use the latest in PUR foam to insulate the tanks safeguarding the water temperature inside longer than ever before. Each of the units from both Ariston and Wesen have the energy friendly ECO function, which will save you on electricity.  What sets Wesen apart from Ariston are the sheathed heating elements that no longer touch water resulting in zero calcification on the heating element.

Currently these sheathed heating elements are available on the 50, 80 and 100 litre models but soon all models will be equipped with it. Check out the details for instance of the Wesen Silver Flat 50 litres on our website. 

The entire range of electric boilers

Please consult the category link to both Ariston and Wesen to compare the Ariston Velis with the Wesen Inox Flat and the Wesen Silver Flat, two very stylish and innovative competitive ranges.