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Benefits of audit firm services

Through the government, large companies must comply with all kinds of rules concerning legislation. It still happens that certain large companies, governments or large institutions within different countries commit fraud on a large scale with certain figures. To ensure that companies comply with all rules, there are people who know all about those rules. For example, there are people who check the financial statements, but also people who check whether a company complies with various rules on the human side of the organization. In this article we discuss a number of different sides of auditors and their audit firm.

The yearbill

Certain companies are required to prepare annual accounts for their company. This happens because it gives a clear insight into the year compared to the other years, but also to inform the tax authorities and to give account to external financiers of the company. Indeed, it has often happened in history that companies have cheated with the annual accounts in order to pay less tax, for example.

The structure

You also have auditors who keep an eye on the structure of the organization. You should think of good communication between the board of directors and the managers, but also communication between the managers and the employees. It also looks at certain control systems and whether business processes are effective and efficient. An audit firm Netherlands can help you build a good structure to your company, so you don’t have to worry about good communication between certain staff members.

The IT processes

It has already been mentioned in the previous paragraph, but there are also auditors who keep a close eye on the IT processes of the organization. You should think of systems that work flawlessly, such as e-mail or hardware. With hardware you can think of good laptops and computers and good printers.

The quality

There are also auditors who focus on compliance with certain rules within the company. They look at whether people are aware of and adhere to those rules.