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Count on a safe and high-quality gangway system

If you require a high-quality and safe gangway system for your project, Gangway Solutions is the business you want to work with. This company provides you with a system that meets all the requirements of your activities. Their specialists can ensure this by customizing your gangway on the basis of your applications. They design, produce and deliver modern access systems, which are easy to change according to your demands. Gangway Solutions delivers and integrates, among others, access towers, telescopic gangways with self-leveling steps, electric or hydraulic cranes, and firefighting equipment. Visit their website and learn more about their solutions.

The safest bespoke systems

Gangway systems are needed to enable personnel and crew safe access to ship and shore. In this case, it is important that they are designed to follow the movements of the ship due to changing tides and changing in the draft. The ship’s surge, sway, and heave motions influence the loading and discharge as well. The systems from Gangway Solutions are also designed to solve this second problem. Their access systems can be fully automatic in standard execution or tailor-made to meet your requirements. Because a gangway is a typical safety installation, they provide you, besides safe access, with gangways that include an escape route in case of dangerous situations. The installations of Gangway Solutions are fully tested to ensure the safest access and exit in any situation.

Accomplish your project in the best way possible

To guarantee maximum safety, this company cooperates with renowned certification agencies like Bureau Veritas, Lloyd’s Register, SGS, American Bureau of Shipping, and Det Norske Veritas. Moreover, you can always count on complete service for your business, which includes designing, engineering, installation, and commissioning installations. They provide you with a lot of additional services as well, such as transport, training, maintenance, and repairs. Discover what Gangway Solutions can do for you to accomplish your project in the best way possible.