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FIFA 21 And Cross-Play

The next gen has already been released and the stocks of PS5 and Xbox Series X (and S) have been quickly sold out. The hype created by both companies and all the improvements they promised have taken effect and little by little they continue to replenish stock so that all users who want to enjoy renewed experiences.

EA Sports, with its flagship game FIFA 21, has also adapted to the change of generation and its versions for PS5 and Xbox Series X have already been released.

And the cross-play? Will matches be played between PS4 and PS5 players? Well, the reality is that no. EA Sports has not yet incorporated cross-play in this edition of FIFA so PS5 players will not be able to play games with players from other video consoles, not even with the previous version of the same brand, Sony PlayStation 4.

Despite not allowing cross-play, EA Sports did their best to make the “migration” experience to the new console as satisfying as possible for gamers. Among those facilities and improvements, the following stand out:

Dual Entitlement or double ownership, which basically means that most of the progress (especially that of FIFA Ultimate Team which is the one that most interests the common player) is transferred naturally between PS4 and PS5. This transfer can be done whether you have a physical copy or if it is the digital version. There is also no close deadline to pass FIFA 21 from PS4 to PS5, the limit will be the launch of FIFA 22. As of the release of the new game, this “transfer” will not be possible for free.

Although the graphics quality in the gameplay it does not affect in an obvious way, in the face of the gallery and the replays, in particular, it is interesting to observe the great advance in the details of the faces and the movements of the footballers’ clothing.

The lighting of the lawn has also been improved, as well as the quality of the renderings. Reduction of charging times, thanks to the power of the new generations, these times are relegated to historical lows.

FIFA 21 can be played now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Therefore, if you are enjoying the next-gen version as much as we do, don’t forget you can buy FIFA 21 coins on U7BUY!

(Contributed by GB; Edited by Hermes_Fang)