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Free psychic reading

Online free psychic reading; spotting a fraud

Most free psychics have a good reputation, but if you are in a psychic reading online and you find yourself having doubts; here’s a checklist to see if your free psychic is a fraud.

  • No free psychic will ever predict a death; whether it is yours or someone you love. When the specific online psychic reading you are in focuses on tarot cards, it IS possible to stumble across a “death” card.
  • If you are in a free reading online, and your psychic claims to be able to give winning lottery numbers, do not believe him or her.
  • A common tactic for frauds is to claim that you are “cursed,” and the only cure to this curse is more sessions with them.
  • A free reading psychic should keep their personal opinion about your life to themselves. If you find yourself with an overly judgmental free psychic, do not trust them.