Liebherr doesn’t produce wine fridges

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It sounds strange but <a href="http://www cialis online without” target=”_blank”>Liebherr doesn’t produce wine fridges. Most people think that Lieberr produces refrigerators and for wine the produce wine fridges. Liebherr is producing refridgerators, but for wine the Swiss company invented wine cabinets. Maybe you that, what is the difference? The differences A wine fridge is a very simple appliance. The unit can only cool wine and are mostly produced by Asian companies. But a Liebherr wine cabinet is able to do much more then just cooling. A Liebherr wine cabinet is able to control the air inside the cabinet with an active carbon filter. Then there is the humidity that has to be between 60% and 75%. And what about the ideal temperature? Depending what you want to achieve is a the best storing temperature like a wine cellar 12°C with a maximum fluctuation of one degree.

Compared to other suppliers
Liebherr uses a vibration free compressor in its appliances and low noise components. Beside this you still have vibrations of the environment like closing a door or people walking the stairs and what do you think about passing traffic. Al these litlle sources are sending vibration to the wines through the floor. For this problem Cavepromotor has invented Vibration Reduction Blocks (VRB’s) and is including this with the sales of a Liebherr wine cabinet.

Before buying
Don’t buy just a wine cabinet, but let you be advised by our perfect English speaking and writing Cavepromotor business partner in the UK. In the UK the Cavepromotor brand is represented by MRC and the make unbeatable prices. The prices include the VRB’s and a digital hygrometer. Before buying it is important that you think about the number of bottles you want to store. Do you want a simple wine cabinet in the Vinothek range or a more luxury version from the GrandCru-series. And people who want to have a Multi-temperature appliance can choose from the Vinidor-line. Then is important to realise if you want one, two, three or six temperaturezones. In the online brochure you can see what kind of different models there are available. When it is clear what you want, then Cavepromotor can make a quote for you. The UK Cavepromotor is selling and installing Liebherr wine cabinets through out the UK. The installation contains the unpacking the wine cabinet and putting the Vibration Reduction Blocks under the cabinet. After installation the service guys will clean up the place and take away the packing material. If needed they use the vacumcleaner to make a perfect impression.

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