Lifeboat service which extends to more systems like the freefall system

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Repairing and maintaining your fleet of vessels is just a small parts of Euro Offshore’s lifeboat service. A lifeboat for instance, is mounted to the deck or the side of a ship by means of a freefall system. Besides holding the boat in place, this system is also used for quickly deploying the lifeboat in case of an emergency. Naturally, it would be catastrophic if this system jams or refuses to operate in any other way. That is why Euro Offshore BV takes care of lifeboats, as well as all additional systems. Is a lifeboat not suitable for your applications? Check out the possibilities for having your own custom RIB boats built by these Dutch specialists! Motion compensated launching appliances.

Additional accessories for custom RIB boats

One of the great advantages of these custom-built RIB boats is that they are straightforwardly customized and tailored to one’s needs in the plant. At Euro Offshore BV, choose between RIB boats in sizes from 7, up to 12 metres, and accessorize by having jockey seats or aluminium roll bars installed. These, and other accessories, will make your boat more comfortable and much safer. Speaking of safety, did you know that Euro Offshore BV is also your designated partner for lifeboat service, including maintenance and repairs? These services are provided all over the world, when you need it, and where you need it!

Custom RIB boats; a unique composition that delivers results!

Euro Offshore’s custom RIB boats are renowned for their high-end performance, light-weight and are the best fast response vessel around. Due to the unique composition of a rigid hull and inflatable collar, these boats are very sturdy, making them seaworthy vessels, and are still light enough to be deployed quickly. Because the boats are inflatable, buoyancy is guaranteed even under the toughest of conditions. No wonder that these boats are in active duty in nearly all international waters around the world. Besides custom RIB boats, Euro Offshore BV offers lifeboat service, thus helping you to properly maintain your fleet. Highest standards at Euro Offshore BV.