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Microfluidic chip

Microfluidicc chip

Microfluidics is an amazing and relatively young field in the exact sciences. It focusses on measuring and studying the characteristics of chemical and biological components in very small environments. As you may imagine, this requires specialized tools, adapted to working with enormously tiny study objects. One of the latest solutions to help improve research approaches and enhance results in this field is the microfluidic chip. This is a tool developed by applying insights from nanotechnology, biotechnology, biochemistry and microbiology. This means it is a multi-disciplinary tool, useful to various different fields of research.

Microfluidic chip in research

Today, most research on micro ecologies and micro environments is done in full sized laboratories. This is not always useful. For example, one can hardly take a laboratory to a certain location in order to study certain phenomena or diagnose patients in their natural habitat. The microfluidic chip makes lab research a lot more flexible. The microfluidic chip is said to enable a technology called lab-on-a-chip. This basically means that any measuring device one needs for biological or chemical research on micro scale is available in chip format. For example, the microfluidic chip measures:

  • Number of particles or droplets;
  • Electrical current;
  • Dynamics of particles;

From these data, information can be deduced about the reactions taking place within a microbiological environment. In this way, the microfluidic chip is of great importance to medical diagnoses in an area where laboratories are impractically far away. This tool promises to be a great help in addressing global health issues.

Available online

Scientists or doctors interested in working with a microfluidic chip will be thrilled to learn that they can order this tool online. The manufacturer can even customize it to suit the specifics of the envisioned research. New possibilities in the micro sciences will soon lead to more exciting innovations.