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Offshore company and lift and transport projects

At our offshore company we have a special team trained for these particular operations. Our team is trained, certified and ready to execute and supervise the special offshore company heavy lift and heavy transport projects. We’ve accepted the guidelines of the Nogepa and are registered members of FPAL, Achilles and IRO. Like other services at our offshore company, we handle every project objective, where our most concern is to work as save as possible as we elimination all possible risks. Our team is well prepared and ready to start an offshore lift and transport project at first call. We also provide consultancy services and project engineers who can supervise, analyze, plan or study your special offshore lift and transport projects. All our projects, where standard is not the best procedure, get the special attention and professional care it deserves.

Offshore company and services

We’re an independent engineering and consultancy agency and offshore company, where special heavy lift and heavy transport is out field of expertise. Our experiences covers from planning a special heavy lift project to engineering and executing this operation. We also provide the studies, guidance and supervising services regarding this particular special transportation. In the offshore we know how hard lifting and transporting special unusual loads can be. This is where our field of expertise brings us and our experience. We’ve founded in 1979 and build up a long history and experience ever since. Being pioneers with our different approach where we not only eliminate risks, but handle every single project objective and professionally, we make sure your special heavy lift and heavy transport jobs (offshore) are handled well, professionally and with safety. Safety always comes first. Our offshore company provides lifting and transportation services from consultancy to execute offshore operations.