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Revolutionizing Online Shopping with SeeMyModel's 3D Configurators

Transforming Customer Decision-Making


SeeMyModel 3D product configurators are reshaping online shopping experiences. Studies show that 70% of people struggle with decision-making, and 78% prefer interactive product engagements. With 67% lacking spatial imagination, SeeMyModel addresses these challenges by providing realistic visualizations and AR technology, leading to faster decision-making and increased customer satisfaction.

Enhancing Online Presence and Marketing


The platform enables businesses to share their 3D projects online through URL links, QR codes on marketing materials, dedicated plugins or scripts on websites, and progress updates via email. This multi-faceted approach integrates seamlessly into existing marketing strategies, elevating customer engagement.


Customized Development Process


SeeMyModel’s approach begins with understanding a client’s needs and potential for growth. This involves creating a database of 3D product models, which are then introduced into the world of AR, fully integrating the technology into the client’s website. This tailor-made process ensures that the solution aligns perfectly with the client’s specific requirements and business objectives.

Seamless Implementation and Sales Enhancement


The process is straightforward: prepare or commission a 3D model, showcase it in virtual reality using SeeMyModel platform, and finally, sell it by placing the product on your website, offering customers a new dimension in shopping. This method is designed to be intuitive and impactful, enhancing the overall sales experience.


Advanced Analytical Insights


SeeMyModel’s analytical system provides vital insights into customer engagement. Businesses can track which products attract the most views, how many people interact with the models in AR or 360-degree views, and peak times for product displays. These analytics are crucial for strategic decision-making, helping businesses to focus their marketing and product development efforts more effectively​​​​​​​​​​.