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Skills management software

Knowledge transfer in companies is becoming increasingly important every day. For example, it can give you a serious competitive advantage if knowledge is transferred in the right way. By using such software you as an entrepreneur know exactly what knowledge is already present in your company, but also what skills your employees have in the workplace. For example, you prevent that you buy that one expensive course for an employee, while the knowledge is already in your company.

Today’s companies must get a clear picture of employees, preferably within a few seconds. In this way, companies can improve or strengthen their competitive position. As mentioned earlier, managers need to know what knowledge and skills their employees have. That way they can activate those skills and use them when needed.

To give an example: projects are the driving force behind change and innovation within your organization. Such a project is implemented top-down. Managers often complete the project, without taking into account the skills of the individual employees in the workplace, but which skills are exactly needed for which project. Mapping the skills and knowledge in your company is important and has many advantages:

• Employees can be supported based on their skills and knowledge;

• The existing knowledge and skills within the company are made available and can be used;

• skill management software helps with strategic personnel development;

• Employees are more productive and satisfied when they are used based on their capabilities;

• The cooperation between different teams, departments and hierarchy levels can improve.

For more information, you can visit the AG5 website. They are specialists in skills management software and can help your company with all kinds of issues in this area.