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Accounting and tax law

It teaches students to interpret, register and use data as management and policy tools. The tax section teaches them how to fill out tax returns and provides advice on financial issues.

The case study aims to cultivate students’ reasoning ability and independence. You can find jobs in the offices of accountants and tax experts or other companies.

Financial insurance

Finance and Insurance provides extensive legal and economic training and comprehensive technical knowledge of insurance and banking products. The financial part emphasizes all problems of the banking industry and the market. In addition, all problems of the insurance field are covered. Students can work in the department as self-employed bank agents or insurance managers, or office workers with career development prospects.


Logistics management

Logistics management includes the entire organization and execution of logistics transportation for each department (railway/road/sea/air). Solid theoretical and practical training form the basis for the successful work of transportation and logistics managers. There are various employment opportunities for transportation companies, airlines, express services, warehousing and loading and unloading companies.


Marketing aims to teach students how to deal with all current marketing tools in various fields of marketing: business-to-consumer, business-to-business, service marketing, non-profit organization… We train students’ business skills, teach them ins to communicate with the outside world, and further Cultivate sales ability. There are a wide range of employment opportunities, such as account managers, advertising managers, product managers, communications managers, etc.


Environment and sustainable development management

Environment and sustainability management provides a comprehensive foundation for business economics and extensive planning on the subject of environment, sustainability and mobility. The course includes analysis of environmental, mobility and sustainability issues and finding solutions.
After obtaining this diploma, you can work as an environmental coordinator in a company, or as an employee city council in an environmental consulting company in the field of environment, sustainability and mobility, as well as relevant government management departments or environmental officials.


Law provides practical knowledge about all aspects of law, rather than encyclopedic knowledge. It bridges the gap between abstract legal rules and their application. The plan opens many doors to the labor market in the private and public sectors. Jobs can be found at lawyers, notaries, prosecutors, banks, insurance companies, etc.

SME Management

SME management trains entrepreneurs who want to build their own companies and need a solid economic, social, legal and organizational foundation. Obtain the necessary principles and regulations for entrepreneurs and the administrative skills needed to process documents related to taxation, subsidies, and personnel management.







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