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What is a ufi number?

When you have a specific toxin or medicine with maybe unknown ingredients, then it is advised to apply for a ufi number. This specific number is needed when applying to the poison center notification. The reason why some poisons and toxins are listed with such numbers, is that it is required from European and outside European law to have those numbers. This 16 digit code is required since it gives more information about the specific toxins that are inside the poison. This is done so that people are more safe and know how to handle such products accordingly and with all safety.

How to apply?

If you are working in a business that specifically works with such toxins or poisons, then it is important for your company to apply for such ufi numbers. Since it is required, we recommend to do this before you would actually ship your product. Luckily, are the U5 codes validated without an expiration date. You can buy the UFI numbers for your specific mixture at different websites that are officially certified with the poison notification center. It is very important to of course include those numbers on your product, it does not only give foreigners a warning for one day see your product or if they handle your product. This method is specifically chosen against calamities that might occur with the handling of the hazardous products.

What else do you need?

When applying for such numbers there are a few things that is also needed for receiving them, one of those things are your VAT or company numbers. This is specifically done so that everyone who will come in contact with the mixture product of your company will also recognize where the product originates from. Should there be a hazardous occasion, then the company in question can be contacted. It might occur that the company in question has a few different kind of safety measures for handling this product and therefore it should be always noted on the canisters.