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Where do you take the Ferrari 250 GTE to?

Driving a Ferrari 250 GTE is obviously a special experience. Now that’s very different from all the “normal” cars that you usually see on the Dutch roads. Have you ever driven a Ferrari 250 GTE? Then you know that it feels very different from other cars. The power in the car makes you see that this really is a car that is designed for speed. This is not a car that you just take for a ride around the block. This car is made for driving long distances and preferably at a high speed. Finally, that’s what Ferraris are made for.  

Racing with the Ferrari 250 GTE 

Have you always wanted to participate in a car race? Then you have to do this in a car that is really suited for it. You do not want to come in as last over the finish line, right? Therefore choose a real race car like the Ferrari 250 GTE. This car is really made to race and go fast. You can see that by looking at the motor placed in these cars, a V12 engine with a total displacement of 2953 cc.  

A good engine in the Ferrari 250 GTE 

The entire Ferrari 250 series has this engine capacity. You know for sure that you have the necessary power for driving this car. Therefore the cars in this series are mainly used for racing. The Ferrari 250 GTE is also suitable for that. From the whole series this is the car that is most produced, so you have the best chance to actually buy it. You might just become the owner of the Ferrari 250 GTE.