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6 interesting historical facts about coffee

Coffee is a drink that is consumed by people since several years. It is also considered as a miracle drink that provides countless benefits to the consumers. As it is something that is a part of the life of several people, it has a surprising history. Following are some of the interesting historical facts about coffee:

  1. Coffee was discovered in 800 AD:

As shown in the legends, the shepherds have discovered that their goats started to dance after eating coffee beans. After that, a local man created a drink with these coffee beans and keep himself awake in the night. That is the point where a miracle drink like coffee was born.

  1. The meaning of espresso:

The word espresso has an Italian origin. It means when something is forced out. The name is suggested to a type of coffee due to the way it is made. The espresso coffee is made by forcing the boiling water through the coffee grounds. Espresso also has much more of caffeine per volume than coffee on average. Also, it is consumed in quite a small amount.

  1. The first thing that gets freeze-dried:

Another best thing about coffee is that it is the first food that was free-dried. It is a process in which the fresh food is placed inside a dryer. The temperature of the dryers is that dropped to 40 degrees negative. This method was quite common in World War 2 where there was a need to dry food that could be consumed later.

  1. The second most traded food:

There are several foods that are traded on earth in quite a large amount. Coffee maintains a position of second most traded food on the planet earth. According to the stats, coffee is created by more than 25 million farmers. This is a number calculated in accordance to 50 countries.

  1. Most of the coffee is produced in Brazil:

Brazil is considered to be the number one place where most of the coffee of the whole world is produced. When calculated, 40% of the total coffee production is done in Brazil. On next positions, Vietnam and Colombia are standing.

  1. Coffee is a fruit:

We know coffee as a drink only. However, it must be noted that coffee is actually a fruit. It is grown on the bushes and it is a seed. It is commonly known as beans because of its resemblance to the actual shape of beans.

These were the historical facts about coffee beans. Apart from that, it must also be noted that many people tried to ban coffee. Five different attempts were made in this regard but still, it is consumed by thousands of people. The Tassimo Bosch coffee machine is the one that provides you with the best quality coffee. Have a cup of your own and enjoy this drink that has an impressive history.