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Automatic Number Plate Recognition and Law enforcement: An Alliance

There is a lot of sensitivity and care that needs to go into the lives and work of law enforcement officials. Everything they do, including the collecting and saving of information from the public, must be done with certainty that mistakes are not made. And thanks to technology like the brilliant automatic number plate recognition system, law enforcement officials have little to no problem with collecting number plate information from the public in a safe, secure, and reliable way. All it does is scan and take images of passing vehicles and save it in a database, all done automatically.

ANPR uses for law enforcement

The automatic number plate recognition system is mainly called ANPR for short. The cameras the system uses to capture the number plate images are typically put above the patrol cars of police. They then expertly park the patrol car where the camera has visible access to clearly see the passing vehicles. The camera of the ANPR system will capture and record every number plate of any passing vehicle and they will then be sent to the central database to be processed.

All information that is on the number plate will be extracted and saved. As soon as the data is captured, it can be used. But, it can also stay in the database until a use for it can arise. This data is incredibly useful for the jobs of law enforcement officials. Here are some examples.

Examples of ANPR data use

The automatic number plate system is luckily rather simple and efficient in the way it works. Making it quite perfect for law enforcement because of how much reliable data they have access to that is not complicated to understand. These are some examples of how ANPR data is used by law enforcement.

  • Cross-reference with the criminal database to find possible connections

  • Look out for stolen or missing vehicles

  • Create intelligence reports

As time goes on, the ANPR system will no doubt be updated more and more and will become far more developed. Then it will be even more useful to law enforcement and maybe even more people.