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Delicious Nordic Food Trends To Try Now

From fermented cabbage to the unique taste of the Danish hot dog, individuals from the Northern Hemisphere have conquered the skills needed to create some of the most delicious foods in the world. The secrets behind these kitchen masterminds derives from a few old and some New Nordic style cooking techniques. Some of our favorite Nordic food techniques are still alive and trending today, include pickling, fermenting, and assembling the Nordic version of the open face sandwich, smørrebrød. Here are 6 Nordic food trends we think everyone should try once.

The Open-Faced Sandwich: Smørrebrød

In America we are well familiar with the open face sandwich, Avocado toast anyone? But in the Nordic Region, specifically Denmark, they are known for an identical item, the smørrebrød. Rye bread is the base of the famous sandwich and is typically topped with eggs, fish, and preserved or fresh vegetables. However, the traditional smørrebrød is served with potatoes, mayo, and chives. Although a classic recipe, today smørrebrød has made its way into gastronomically innovative restaurants with fun tweaks and toppings.

Unexpected Ingredients

New Nordic cuisine is known for its experimentation. As the chefs experiment with foods, they create amazing flavorful bites. Hardly would one ever think to eat a branch, but Chef Ronny Emborg will show you how to take a twig and make it edible. 

Foraged For Food

Cooking with foraged food entails physically venturing into the great outdoors, connecting with your surrounding, and then coming up with something to make out of your gathered treasures. Nordic chefs are notorious for only serving foraged produce or items that can be grown right behind their restaurant. Not only are wild mushrooms, foraged herbs, and prized berries delicious to share in a dish, but it also makes you feel accomplished and appreciate the nature around you.

Pure Ingredients

With foraging in mind, it is no surprise that today’s Nordic chefs are very passionate about using ingredients that are locally grown or sourced from an environment that cares about the conditions the food product is grown in. Especially when it comes to seafood, the Nordic cuisine is conscience of and connected with their suppliers. Do you know where your fish comes from? If not, a Nordic chef would say it’s time to find out!

Referencing Tradition

Of course, New Nordic Cuisine is all about revitalization, but Nordic chefs don’t forge onward without a nod to the past. It’s all about making the old, new again, Grandmothers hidden recipes are reborn in new and unheard of ways. And why not? Classic tradition never goes out of style. Things like hearty rye bread, seafood stews, and farm fare are re-plated in new ways.

Smoked Foods

Smoking of foods is another way Nordic people were able to preserve their foods, and a technique their chefs are still using today.

New Nordic Cooking

The official manifesto, signing, and launch of New Nordic cuisine is a trend that keeps on going, worldwide. The adaptation and enrichment of the cuisine expresses the regional flavors and seasonality and respect to food traditions, but with a touch of modern technology. The philosophy focuses on origin, animal welfare, and local producers, something all chefs and cooks should aspire to. With regards to Chef Claus Meyers, and a couple other Nordic chefs, this movement takes a little bit of every Nordic trend and combines it to create foods that are simply remarkable. Do you want to enjoy delicious nordic food? There is a nice restaurant Gdynia. This restaurant in Gdynia serves high quality scandinavian food. The restaurant can be found on the first floor of the courtyard hotel.