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FIFA 21 – Headliners Players And What You Need To Know About Them

FIFA 21 Headliners is a special collection of dynamic player cards. These items are acquired in two ways. The premium items are found in packs from the store. The first batch, Team 1, went live on January 1st and the second team is slated to arrive on January 8th. During the Headliners event, keep an eye on the game for special squad building challenges and objectives. Complete them and you will add more Headliners items to your collection. These cards are dynamic items that get upgrades. The condition for the Headliner item to get an upgrade is that the player it represents gets an in-form item in this season. You might hear the term performance based in-form in relation to Headliners items. This term refers to the player’s item card that is obtained after the player has had a good performance on the real football field. A performance based in-form refers to the player’s card from Man of the Month, Team of the Week, Team of the Tournament, and Hero. Please note that Player of the Month does not count as a performance based in-form. So, the Headliner items get upgraded when the player becomes part of one of the above collections. An additional upgrade is applied when the player’s club gets four consecutive wins in domestic games.


The wins that count towards the upgrade are those from domestic league matches. This excludes the games from UEFA, international games, and the domestic cup. The wins must be achieved starting with January 1st. The wins before this date are not taken into consideration. The winning streak upgrade will be applied to items starting with the next Wednesday after the four wins have been achieved. You might wonder what happens to a player’s Headliner item if the player transfers to another club. The item stays as it is until the player gets an in-form item with their new club or the new club gets a winning streak from the time the player joined the club. The Headliner item is then changed to reflect the player’s new club. This also happens if the player is on loan. The picture on the Headliner item will also change if the player gets an upgrade with the new club. In case the position of the in-form item is different from the position of the Headliner item, the position will not change. The position is constant, it will always be the same as it was on the release date.


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