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How to run a commercial Instagram: instructions with examples from an SMM specialist

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Many articles have been written about managing commercial Instagram accounts. However, each of them “covers” some small part of this great craft.

The first and most important question you should ask yourself is: why do you need Instagram. The answer to this question will serve as the basis for all future profile management work.

In the case of a commercial account, the goals can be:

  • Product sales;
  • Increased loyalty of the target audience;
  • Increasing brand awareness.

Set a specific goal, since all further work will start from it. In this article, we will choose to generate sales as our primary goal.

Setting the profile avatar

Perhaps the main requirement for an avatar is clarity and attractiveness. It is important that your avatar thumbnail is understandable. Therefore, you should not place any small elements on the avatar. It is best to use a large object characterizing the company’s activities as an avatar.

It is important that there is no small text on the avatar. If the only possible option for an avatar is a logo, then the company name needs to be well read.

Be sure to check how your avatar is perceived – interview a few people. Ask them the question: “Is this avatar interesting?” Or: “What is this avatar talking about?” If people easily understand what is depicted on the avatar and what topic the profile belongs to, everything is done correctly.

Nickname selection

The username should be easy to remember and understand by ear. Ideally, the nickname should not have unnecessary punctuation marks: dots, underscores.

There are 30 characters available for writing a nickname. However, it is better to choose a nickname no more than 15 characters long (including punctuation marks), so it will be easier to remember and enter into the search bar.

It is also advisable not to use the names of popular brands or accounts at the beginning of the username. In this case, when searching, users will first of all find these popular accounts, and not you. A nickname should not contain more than two words. The simpler, shorter and clearer the nickname, the better. It is desirable that the keyword of your activity is used in the username. For example, if you sell bouquets of flowers, then “flowers”. This makes it easier for users to figure out which company the profile belongs to.

Choosing a name

Having dealt with the nickname, it’s time to write the account name correctly. There are 30 characters available for the username. The account name is indexed by Instagram. Therefore, in the name it is best to reflect the keyword by which your potential customers will search for services in the search. If you indicated the name of the company in your nickname, then you do not need to duplicate this word in your account name. The main thing is that the name contains at least one key word characterizing the company’s activities.

Profile description

A total of 150 characters are available for the profile description. Therefore, you have to think about how to make the description most interesting and attractive. In the profile description, it is advisable to place information about the company that will interest the user as much as possible. For example, information about promotions, the benefits of cooperation with you, the unique features of the product. It is desirable to reflect the unique selling proposition. In the “Website” field, be sure to include a link. For example, using the mssg.me service, you can share a link to contact you using various instant messengers and social networks. Or you can just leave a link to the company’s website. You can also add emoji to the description. Thanks to emoji, you can break down text into semantic blocks or present information more vividly. To add emoji to your description from your computer, you need to copy the desired emoji from the Emojio website. If you want to create an unusual design, you can “align” the text of the profile description in the center. To do this, when editing a description from a computer, move the words with the empty symbol – “⠀”.

Connecting business tools

Instagram business tools allow you to see advanced profile stats, create ads, add a contact button to your profile. To connect business tools, just go to profile editing and select the appropriate menu item. After connecting the business tools, you can also add a contact button there, specifying an email or phone number as a contact.

Development of rubrics

Having figured out the design and purpose, it’s time to start developing headings for content. Headings are an approximate list of publication formats and topics that will be used in the process of maintaining a profile.

 Headings are needed to:

Meet the tasks of maintaining the page.

To make your life easier and answer the question: “What should you publish?”

The main types of content published on Instagram are:

Entertaining, interactive. We involve the audience in communication. We cheer, intrigue, inspire.

Warming, reputable. Reviews, case studies, information about employees, an open story about how the company works, and so on. Created to gain audience trust.

You can also come up with your own unique category types by combining the above content types.

Content plan creation

The content plan is created based on the developed headings. Write out a rough plan for future publications for the page and stories, indicating the topic, date and estimated time of publication. The main rule of a content plan is not to be afraid to make it flexible and make relevant changes. If your company has an interesting news event or a cool idea for publication, do not be afraid to add it to the current content plan.

Selection of hashtags

Hashtags are a kind of “navigator” of content inside Instagram. People use hashtags to search and track content on their desired topics. Based on the created headings, it is necessary to register appropriate hashtags for them. These are the kinds of hashtags your audience will use to navigate your profile content. Also, hashtags for headings can later be used to create a menu.

The second purpose of hashtags is to increase the reach of publications. Each hashtag on Instagram has its own “lifespan,” in other words, the period during which it remains relevant.

There are four types of hashtags to increase your reach. They are divided by the number of publications for a given hashtag.

  • High-frequency – from 100 thousand publications;
  • Medium-frequency – from 10 to 100 thousand publications;
  • Low-frequency – from 500 to 10 thousand publications;
  • Rare – up to 500 publications.

The hashtag promotion strategy includes the selection of medium-frequency thematic hashtags for publications.

You can select hashtags using the Webstagram service. Thanks to him, you can easily find relevant hashtags and see publications on the topic.

About the shade bath

A shadow ban is a situation when Instagram stops showing your posts for certain hashtags. Checking if you have a shadow ban is quite simple. Ask three or four users to check if your posts are showing by a particular mid-range hashtag. If not, then it is recommended to refrain from any actions in the account (including work with third-party applications) for 72 hours. Nevertheless, at the moment it is not known for certain whether this is a real mechanism of “punishing” profiles or a fiction.

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