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Library Solutions that Transform User Experience

Improving Inventory Management

Technological advancements have led to the invention of a range of solutions to solve myriad of library problems in order to enhance and improve the way library staff carry out their tasks. Libraries can now streamline high circulation activities with the use of library solutions capable of writing and reading HF tags so that library items can be tagged and tracked with greater efficiency and minimum effort.

Boosting Customer Self-Service Experience

Library solutions for self-service provide a range of library automation that deliver a more efficient library service and boost customer experience. These are effective self-service systems and high-tech products which are ergonomically designed to fit perfectly into any library’s processes. Typically the units come with flexible full circulation software that enables seamless checking in and out as well as speedy renewal processes. Their highly functional touch screen panels are easy to move around the library because the receipt printer, bar code scanners and readers are all incorporated into a single, compact, high quality housing which are stylishly designed to fit into the interior décor of any library. What’s more, the screen layout, colours, fonts and print types can be customised to a house style so as to improve visual performance and further enhance user experience.

Innovative Library Solutions with Enhanced Security

Libraries must adapt flexible but effective security detection library solutions which can protect library materials from accidental or deliberate item removals while making the library easily accessible. Library security detection systems are now equipped with state-of-the-art technologies that trigger an alarm each time anyone walks through the library security gates with an item that has not been properly checked out. This is due to the use of electromagnetic (EM), radio frequency identification (RFID) or a hybrid (EM/RFID) of both technologies for efficient inventory library management and reinforced security. Multiple gate solutions are also possible and this makes it possible for a library staff sitting at a designated location to effortlessly monitor movement of library items in real time.