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Mario fishes hand grenade from the Mark: “What do we get again ?!”

Mario Nuijten from Breda thought he would quietly go magnet fishing on the Markkade, but nothing turned out to be further from the truth. Suddenly he had a hand grenade hanging from his fishing rod. “I was shocked during magnetfishing when I saw that thing! I thought to my own: what are we getting ?!”


64-year-old Mario goes fishing a few times a year at the old CSM site on the Markkade in Breda. On Sunday afternoon he thought he was fishing for part of an old bicycle, but it turned out to be a hand grenade.


Put it on the sidewalk myself

“I had that thing on the line in one go and thought to myself: what am I getting into my hat again?” He says, surprised. “I was shocked when I saw that thing!” He didn’t let the grenade hang on the rod, but hauled it in. “I took it off the magnet and put it on the curb.”


Waiting for privacy settings …

Then Mario called the police. “You have to take twenty-five meters, they said then.” Then Mario realized that it was not very convenient to remove the grenade from the rod itself. “Looking back, I think ‘What a fool!’. For the same money, that thing exploded and I was up in the air. I just didn’t think about it.”


The hand grenade was detonated by the Explosives Ordnance Disposal Service at a nearby site.