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Phytoplankton for dogs from a reliable supplier

Both healthy dogs and pets with ailments can benefit greatly from what phytoplankton has to offer to them. It contains many important nutrients that are often lacking in their regular food. On top of that, it is all-natural, so it is safe, pure and healthy. Especially when you purchase a high-quality supplement without additives, like the one from Mr. Ros. This company specializes in phytoplankton products for humans, cats and dogs.

Pure and natural phytoplankton that is grown sustainably

The phytoplankton for dogs from Mr. Ros is not only high quality and all natural, the supplement is also produced in a sustainable way. This means you can purchase it for your pet without needing to feel guilty. The phytoplankton is farmed in clean water and only needs sunlight to grown. Once it is ready, the phytoplankton is harvested and then packaged right away. This keeps it incredibly fresh, which in turn leads to more health benefits.

Discover the health benefits of phytoplankton

You might wonder what kind of benefits phytoplankton can have for dogs. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • A shinier coat
  • A boosted immune system
  • Overall health improvement

Phytoplankton can even provide relief to dogs suffering from skin and fur irritations. It also helps improve quality of life in dogs with cancer and could help dogs with arthritis walk without pain. It does not, however, replace vet treatment. It simply provides you with an additional way to support your beloved pet.

Order your supplement from this supplier

Are you interested in the phytoplankton products that Mr. Ros sells for dogs? Visit their web shop and simply order the desired amount online. Do you have questions about the supplements and the possible benefits? Feel free to email the customer service of this company. They will gladly answer your questions.