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Protect your business and home with a window lock

In your home you will be able to feel safe. Something that actually interferes with this security is to suffer from burglary. 

Therefore, be sure to burglary your home as much as you can. The thieves like to choose simple homes to break into and they always chooses the easiest way in and out so try to make it difficult for them.

Protect your home from burglaries by making sure you have safety-locked door lock and window lock. Just make sure the lock you choose has certificates and is approved by the industry. Also, keep in mind that it might be better to replace your entire window and door instead of just changing the locks. It’s a good investment and a good theft insurance!

With secure lock on the property window, you reduce the risk of unauthorized access. Choose between code lock or mechanical window lock.

The windows are usually an easy way in and out for the thief and an often overlooked security point. We at locksecure.nl in the Hague can help you to get the right kind of window lock for your business or home.

Lock the windows with code

Protect your business and inventory with a window lock without keys. For example, we collaborate with ASSA who has the CodeHandle Security Code. These windows are opened and locked with code via a built-in keypad instead of with key. The lock is operated with a long life battery and the code remains in case of potential power failure. It’s convenient, simple and increases the security of your business.

Ready mechanical lock for windows

Mechanical locks are usually easy to mount on windows and there are variants for both inward and outgoing windows. You lock these locks by pushing down the cylinder in the cylinder housing. This creates a connecting connection between the cylinder housing and the end flap, which creates a strong break protection. You simply lock the window by turning the key so that the cylinder springs back automatically.

Choose the right window lock for your business

With the right type of window lock, you increase the security of the company and reduce the risk of burglary. We will help you to develop a lock system that is tailored to your business and safety requirements.

Call us at Locksecure.nl to get a tailor-made offer for locks to your windows and doors.